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Summer Institute 2000
Orientation Session and Institute Opening

Sunday, July 16 2000

The activities of the IAI/UM Summer Institute 2000 will begin on Sunday, July 16 2000 with an orientation session for participants, followed by the official opening of the Institute.

Trip to the Rosenstiel School

The orientation session (and most Institute activities) will take place on the campus of the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, located on Virginia Key, about 8.5 miles from the Coral Gables campus. Institute activities will be based on the Marine Science Center building, Rooms MSC 343 (classroom) and MSC 329 (computer lab).

Participants should meet on the lobby of Mahoney Hall at 2:00 PM on Sunday July 16 2000. A bus will pick up participants and drive them to the Rosenstiel School. Ms. Rosanne Kolaczynski, Logistic Coordinator, will meet the group to make sure that all participants board the bus.

The bus will depart the Coral Gables Campus at 2:15 PM. Do not miss it! If you miss the bus, ask staff at the Mahoney Hall desk to call a taxi for you. Tell the driver to take you to Virginia Key, right next to the Seaquarium. Enter the Rosenstiel School campus and look for the Marine Science Center (towards the back of the campus). Go to room 343.

IMPORTANT: Documentation required

During the orientation session, participants will fill out forms to register as visitors to the University of Miami and satisfy US Immigration requirements. Participants needing health insurance during the Institute will fill out the necessary form (insurance will be provided at no cost by Institute organizers).

ALL participants should bring the following to the orientation session:

  • Name, address and telephone of an emergency contact (e.g., a family member).
  • Air ticket used to travel to Miami.
  • Receipts of all expenses incurred during trip from airport closest to home institution. These expenses may include airport departure taxes and taxi fare from Miami Airport to Mahoney Hall (for those participants who were not picked up at the airport by Institute personnel).

Additionally, participants should bring the following documentation:

Non-US citizens:

  • Passport.
  • I-94 Form (the white form stamped by Immigration officials upon entering the United States).
  • For participants residing in the US, a copy of alien registration card or passport showing an appropriate visa (e.g., H-1 visa).

US citizens:

  • Some form of photo ID (e.g., drivers license)
  • Information on health insurance (if available)

All documents will be photocopied and returned to participants at the end of the orientation session.

Agenda for Orientation Session (PRELIMINARY)

  • Welcome to participants
  • Background on IAI/UM Summer Institute
  • Introduction of Institute Leaders
  • Introduction of Institute Staff
  • Brief self-introduction of Institute participants (*)
  • Logistic information (housing, meals, per diem, etc.)
  • Distribution of meal vouchers and reimbursements

(*) This will be a very brief introduction. During the first few days of the Institute, participants will have opportunity to describe their interests and activities more extensively.

Distribution of meal stipends and vouchers, and reimbursements

During orientation, participants will receive meal vouchers and meal stipends to cover the period between their arrival and Friday, July 21 2000. See logistics page for details.

Participants will also be reimbursed for expenses incurred since departing their home airport. Expenses incurred in getting to the departure airport will be responsibility of the participant or his/her institution and will not be reimbursed. Costs of obtaining a US visa will not be supported. Participants need to provide appropriate receipts, otherwise reimbursement will be impossible.

Official opening of the Summer Institute

After completing the orientation agenda, the Institute will be officially declared open. A cocktail party will take place on the Rosenstiel School Commons (the cafeteria), followed by a dinner. The purpose is to allow participants to meet their fellow participants and Institute staff in an informal atmosphere prior to the beginning of Institute activities.

Departure for Coral Gables Campus

The bus will leave the Rosenstiel School for Mahoney Hall at about 8:00 PM.

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