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Summer Institute 2001
Application Process

Preliminary Institute Announcement

A preliminary announcement of the third IAI/UM Summer Institute was distributed via e-mail by IAI, and our partners in this year's Institute, UNESCO and CATHALAC, on October 23, 2000. This preliminary announcement resulted in over 65 queries and requests for more information logged at the Institute's WWW site between October 2000 and January 2001.

Official Institute Announcement

The official Institute announcement was released on January 11, 2001. The announcement included instructions on how to apply (application forms, a list of required materials, and a checklist to verify that applications were complete). The deadline for reception of applications was set to April 6, 2001.

Application Process

A total of 91 complete applications were received from candidates eligible to participate in the Summer Institute 2001. Table 1 shows a breakdown of the applicants by country. Note that the criterion to assign applicants to a given country was flexible. For example, many applications were received from citizens of various IAI countries who were carrying out graduate studies in the United States. In these cases, an applicant was assigned to his/her country of nationality if they listed a permanent institutional affiliation with their home countries, otherwise they were considered as US applicants.

Table 1. Breakdown by country of complete applications to the Summer Institute 2001.

 No. of Applicants
 No. of Applicants
  Argentina  12   Jamaica  2
  Brazil  19   Mexico  10
  Canada  8   Panama  1
  Chile  3   Paraguay  1
  Colombia  2   Peru  7
  Costa Rica  0   Uruguay  2
  Cuba 1   USA  19
  Dominican Republic  0   Venezuela  1
   Ecuador  3   TOTAL 91 

Selection Process

The selection of candidates took place during April 2001, with the participation of representatives from the two organizing institutions (IAI and the University of Miami) and input from the Institute Leaders. Twenty two participants from fourteen IAI countries were selected. The participants include 13 males and 10 females. A few alternate participants were selected in case of cancellations. Biographic profiles of the selected participants are available here.

Notification of Selection Results

All applicants were notified of the selection results in late April 2001. Notification was done via electronic mail and through a lettermailed to all participants.

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