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Third IAI/UM Summer Institute on
Interdisciplinary Global Change Science in the Americas

"Integrated Management of Water Resources in the Americas:
Challenges and Emerging Issues"

Miami, Florida, USA, July 15 - August 3, 2001


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Week 1 (July 16 to July 20)
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Week 3 (July 30 to August 3)

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 Institute Theme

The theme of the Summer Institute 2001 will be "Integrated Management of Water Resources in the Americas: Challenges and Emerging Issues." To plan and conduct this Institute, the IAI and UM have joined efforts with UNESCO’s Regional Office of Science and Technology for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Summer Institute 2001 will explore issues related to water supply (climate variability and change, land use/cover change, health of aquatic systems) and demand (population growth, urbanization) in the Americas. However, the central focus will be on the management of water resources as the arena where supply and demand issues converge, within the additional context of governance matters (institutions, regulatory frameworks). Effective management of water resources requires communication and collaboration among natural and social scientists, policy and decision makers, and involved communities.

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