Dr. Daniel Benetti dbenetti@rsmas
Benetti’sresearch interests are focused on the development of aquaculture techniques, management and tools. Benetti has twenty years of experience in marine fish aquaculture world-wide, especially in hatchery (maturation, spawning, larval rearing and nursery) grow out in cages. Currently Principal Investigator of a DOC/NOAA/NSG funded project on hatchery production of mutton snapper, cobia and amberjack for grow out in offshore cages. He is also technical director of Snapperfarm Offshore Aquaculture (UM Industry partners). Currently leading the Aquaculture Program at UM’s Rosenstiel School and carrying out interdisciplinary research and technology transfer for the development of sustainable aquaculture projects in the US and several countries.
Aaron Welch, Ph.D Student awelch@rsmas
Welch is interested in the development of efficient and profitable aquaculture technologies that can be used to produce finfish species from egg to market. His current work is focused on perfecting hatchery production techniques for cobia (Rachycentron canadum) and goggle eyes (Selar crumenophthalamus) as well as other locally important food fish. He is also involved in the policy debates surrounding the development of an offshore aquaculture industry in the United States.
Bruno Sardenberg, M.A. Student bsardenberg@rsmas
Sardenberg’sresearch interests are focused on production, design, construction, planning, execution and management of marine fish aquaculture projects. Bruno has previously worked with laboratory maintenance and development of research protocols for fresh water fish, research on growth, diseases, diagnostics, treatment, and their application on the production cycle of oysters and clams, as well as maintenance and operation of marine fish growth out cages. Currently he works with the Aquaculture Program at the Rosenstiel School managing the Marine Fish Hatchery.
Ronald Hoenig, M. A. student rhoenig@rsmas
John Stieglitz, M. S. Student jstieglitz@rsmas
Stieglitz is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Marine Affairs and Policy at the Rosenstiel School, in the aquaculture research program. His research focuses on developing sustainable aquaculture techniques and technology for use in hatcheries and offshore aquaculture sites. He is currently working on the creation of economically viable production methodologies for pelagic fish such as tuna (Thunnus spp.), cobia (Rachycentron canadum), and goggle eyes (Selar crumenophthalmus) in an effort to further develop these species for use in marine finfish aquaculture.
Marina Nunez, M. A. Student marinalaus@gmail
Maria is currently taking care of the broodstock at the hatchery. Her main goal is to learn aquaculture techniques and design a feasible project for aquaculture in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

L to R: Biologists Cindy Campoverde (Ecuador), Joana Rodrigues (Portugal),
Ximena Martinez (Colombia)

L to R: Bruno Sardenberg, Aaron Welch, John Stieglitz, Ronald Hoenig, Daniel Benetti