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Hansell Lab – CRM Program

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Our dissolved organic carbon (DOC) lab is involved in a program that provides consensus reference material (CRM) to the international community of DOC analysts.
Available CRMs
Both low carbon water (LCW, 1 μM DOC) and deep sea reference (DSR) water (41-44 μM DOC) are available in 10/20 mL ampoules. They are already acidified with hydrochloric acid and tested to be stable for at least two years. They should be stored in the dark at room temperature. These waters have been tested for DOC concentrations by the laboratories of Drs. Craig Carlson, Lillian Custals/Dennis Hansell, Hiroshi Ogawa, Amy Willman/Erik Smith and Ying Cui/Ying Wu/Jing Zhang. The consensus values of DOC and total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) for each CRM batch can be found in Table 1.
The CRMs should be used when you wish to reference your results against the international community of DOC analysts. We have several thousand ampoules of each CRM available, so we encourage their use on each analytical day. More ampoules will be prepared for distribution as needed. The good news is more and more DOC labs around the world are using DOC CRMs since this project started in 1999. By the end of 2010, 1128.5 boxes of CRM ampoules were sent to 241 DOC labs in 36 countries. For the CRM usage profiles, please refer to Table 2.
The cost of developing and maintaining the DOC-CRM program has been borne by the U.S. National Science Foundation. The program is currently slated to run into the year 2016. Subsequent funding will be contingent on the success of the program, as demonstrated by the DOC community's commitment to the use of CRM's. If we use them effectively, the program may continue. If we elect to not use them, the service will end.
Cost & Shipping
The DOC CRM ampules are no longer free to the users as NSF cut its funding to the program. The cost per box of 144 10 mL ampoules is $50 and $100 for LCW and DSR, respectively. For 20 mL ampoules, the cost per box of 144 is $75 and $150 for LCW and DSR, respectively. As before, users need to pay for the cost of shipping. To request CRM's, please provide your name, number of ampoules required of each CRM (minimum of 72 ampoules of LCW and DSW), your shipping address and telephone number. We will ship most samples via FedEx or DHL. If your institute has a FedEx, DHL or other courier account number, please send that to us and we will ship immediately. If your institute does not have a courier account, you will be charged in the sum of the cost of the ampules and that of shipping. An invoice will be sent to you in 2-6 weeks after you receive the ampoules. Instruction on ways to pay the bill will be included in the invoice. Please contact Lillian Custals for more informations or to place orders.
Lillian Custals
CRM Program Manager
University of Miami
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149
Email: lcustals@rsmas.miami.edu
Tel: 305-421-4049
Fax: 305-421-4689

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