Students are the heart and soul of the Fisheries Management Group and training of students is one of the main goals of this group and of the Cooperative Unit for Fisheries and Education Research (CUFER). Students participate in this group at all levels, they may be attending high school and participate in one of the group’s outreach programs such as the South Florida Student Shark Program, or may be undergraduates from the University of Miami working in specific projects, or undergraduate or graduate summer interns from other Universities that spend a few weeks doing research with members of the group. The bulk of the research conducted by the fishery management group, however, is done by its graduate students that pursue MA, MSc, or PhDs degrees in the RSMAS Divisions or the Inter-departmental program of the University of Miami Graduate School.

Graduate students

Graduate students from the Fisheries Management Group typically pursue the following degrees:

MSc or PhD in Marine Biology and Fisheries
MA or MSc in Marine Affairs and Policy
PhD in Interdepartmental Program of the Graduate School

The following is a list of selected courses offered and commonly taken by students that are members of the group:

More details on these and other courses can be found in the student bulletin.

Summer Internships

RSMAS offers a summer program for marine science undergraduates that provides opportunities for students interested in spending the summer working with members of the fishery management group.

In addition the NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center offers summer internships for undergraduates interested in working in fisheries and aquaculture at any of the University partners of the LMRCSC, including RSMAS.

Financial Support

Admission requirements differ between Divisions and so does the support provided to students. All students in the Fisheries Management Group are fully supported for the duration of their degree, and it is the responsibility of the main advisor to find the support for the student; however, the student has the responsibility to know at all times where the support comes and in some instances to help the advisor in obtaining that support. Sources of financial support that are provided to students from the Fishery Management Group include, fellowships provided by the University of Miami, by RSMAS, by NOAA, the LMRCSC, CUFER and research assistant positions associated with externally funded research projects. Details on financial aid can be found RSMAS financial aid webpage.


Students from the Fisheries Management group focus their research on a variety of fisheries issues, however, a common thread in their research is the use of mathematical and statistical methods to test hypotheses and conduct experiments. Thus we seek to recruit students with strong background in mathematics/statistics/programming or those that are willing to acquire it through course work. Fisheries science is multidisciplinary, so a well-rounded student should also have/seek to get knowledge of biology, environmental science, economics, and sociology.

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