Environmental Physiology & Toxicology
Grosell Lab



Former Lab Members:

Name Period Research Topic Current Position
Gretchen Bielmyer, Ph.D. 2003-2005 Metal toxicity in marine and freshwater organisms Associate Professor, Valdosta State University
Adam Obaza 2005-2006 Effects of arsenic on the pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis Graduate Student, Florida International University
Bob Gerdes, M.S. 2004-2009 Effects of arsenic and lead on aquatic organisms Research Assistant, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island, New York
Jon Blanchard, Ph.D.


Effects of copper on Fundulus heteroclitus under varying salinities High School Teacher, Holyoke Public Schools
Josi Taylor, Ph.D.


Intestinal bicarbonate secretion in marine telost fish PDF, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Giovanna Sattin, Ph.D.


Molecular evolution of carbonic anhydrase  
Cameron Williams


Intestinal bicarbonate secretion in marine teleost fish Graduate Student, University of Charleston
Sue Ebanks, Ph.D.


Ecophysiology of freshwater pulmonate snails

Assistant Professor, Savannah State University

Janet Genz, Ph.D.


Intestinal bicarbonate secretion in marine teleost fish Assistant Professor, University of West Georgia
Sam Guffey


Role of intestinal proton pump in marine teleost osmoregulation Laboratory Manager, Purdue University
Cheryl Chan, M.S. 2008-2011 Acute copper toxicity in fish and invertebrates across salinity gradients  
Andrew Esbaugh, Ph.D. 2009-2012 Validation of the lead biotic ligand model Assistant Professor, University of Texas, UTMSI
Kevin Brix, Ph.D. 2008-2012 Evolutionary physiology of pupfish and environmental toxicology Environmental Consultant
Amanda Kasper 2009-2010 Effects of total dissolved solids on Arctic grayling embryos Veterinary Physician at Tierklinik Parndorf, Austria
Kat Munley 2010-2013 Aquatic toxicology of Pb to freshwater snails Ph.D. Student, Louisiana State University
Jenny Panlilio 2011-2013 Respiratory physiology of freshwater snails Ph.D. Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nafis Narsinghani 2012-2013 CaCO3 production and excretion in Gulf toadfish Agency Coordinator and Merchandising Manager at ST8MNT Brand Agency
Charlotte Bodinier, Ph.D. 2012-2013 Developmental physiology of pelagic fishes and acute effects of crude oil to early life stage pelagic fish Scientist Manager, HSE, Sanofi-Adventis, Paris, France
Mariana Capparelli, Ph.D. 2013-2014 Mechanisms of copper toxicity, accumulation and tissue distribution in the fiddler crab, Uca rapax  
Jessie Wingar 2014-2015 CaCO3 production and excretion in Gulf toadfish Graduate Student, University of New England
Theresa Mackey 2014-2015 CaCO3 production and excretion in Gulf toadfish Behavior and Techonology Intern, Disney
Zongli Yao, Ph.D. 2014-2015 Role of specific gill transporters in the osmoregulatory response of the Gulf toadfish to hypersalinity Associate Professor, East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Shanghai, China
Ilan Ruhr, Ph.D. 2011-2016 Regulatory effects of the guanylin peptides on the intestinal physiology of the Gulf toadfish Research Associate, The University of Manchester
Edward Mager, Ph.D. 2010-2016 Oil work on swim of different life stages of Mahi-mahi and molecular expression of Aplysia neurological system Assistant Professor, University of North Texas
Aalekhya Reddam 2015-2016 Hypersalinity effects on calcium carbonate precipitation in the Gulf toadfish intestine. Oil work on cardiac activity in Mahi mahi Graduate Student, University of California Riverside
Kevin Schauer, Ph.D. 2013-2017 Osmoregulation in teleost fish. Characterization and production of CaCO3 in Gulf toadfish Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Wisconsin Madison


Front Row: Edward Mager, Madeline Munoz-Bustamante, Rachael Heuer, Christina Pasparakis, Bryan Locher, Yaodong Wang, and Dan DiNicola
Back Row: John Stieglitz, Lela Schlenker, Georgina Cox, Martin Grosell, Ilan Ruhr and Kevin Schauer


Front Row: Zongli Yao, Madeline Munoz-Bustamante, Rachael Heuer, Christina Pasparakis and Burcu Yesilbudak
Back Row: Ed Mager, Dan DiNicola, Kevin Schauer, Martin Grosell, Ilan Ruhr and Lela Schlenker


Martin Grosell, Ilan Ruhr (and Chico), John Stieglitz, Ed Mager, Rachael Heuer, Theresa Mackey, Kevin Schauer,
Christina Pasparakis and Zongli Yao


Back Row: Kevin Schauer, John Stieglitz, Martin Grosell, Ilan Ruhr, Ed Mager, Mariana Capparelli and Chico
Front Row: Jessica Wingar, Charlotte Bodinier, Rachael Heuer, Christina Pasparakis and Nafis Narsinghani


Rachael Heuer, John Stieglitz, Ilan Ruhr, Jenny Panlilio, Charlotte Bodinier, Kat Munley, Ed Mager and Martin Grosell


Sam Guffey, Cheryl Chan, Kat Munley, Rachael Heuer, Andrew Esbaugh, Kevin Brix and Martin Grosell


Back Row: Ed Mager, Bob Gerdes, Janet Genz, Sue Ebanks, Josi Taylor, Andrew Esbaugh and Kevin Brix
Second Row: Cheryl Chan, Giovanna Sattin and Martin Grosell
Front Row: Jon Blanchard


Ed Mager, Cheryl Chan, Cameron Williams, Janet Genz, Martin Grosell, Josi Taylor, Kevin Brix, Bob Gerdes and Sue Ebanks


Ed Mager, Josi Taylor, Jon Blanchard, Martin Grosell, Bob Gerdes, Sue Ebanks, Janet Genz and Xyamara Serrano


Gretchen Bielmyer, Kevin Brix, Sue Ebanks, Janet Genz, Bob Gerdes, Ed Mager, Jon Blanchard, Josi Taylor and Martin Grosell