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Press Releases and Media Coverage

GoMRI eNEWS (Mar. 30, 2017):  Virtual Lab Creates More “Wow” Moments in Science Discovery

GoMRI eNEWS (Nov. 8, 2016):  Grad Student Pasparakis Looks to Fish Embryos for Long-Term Oil Spill Answers

RSMAS Press Release (Apr. 27, 2015):  Marine Scientist Wins Top UM Scholarly Research Award

Fox News (Sept. 20, 2014):  Four Years Later: The Impact of BP Oil Spill on Marine Life

The Weather Channel (Jun. 24, 2014):  Gulf Oil Spill Impact on Mahi-Mahi

Miami Herald (Jun. 20, 2014):  UM Study Finds Oil from BP Spill Impedes Fish’s Swimming

The Telegraph (Jun. 20, 2014):  Fish Exposed to BP Oil Spill 'Swim Slower'

Summit County Voice (Jun. 12, 2014):  Study: Exposure to Crude Oil from the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Causes Swimming Deficiencies in Juvenile Mahi Mahi

Bloomberg (Mar. 25, 2014):  Heart Defects in Gulf Tuna Seen Tied to 2010 BP Oil Spill

The New York Times (Mar. 24, 2014):  Fish Embryos Exposed to Oil From BP Spill Develop Deformities, a Study Finds

The Washington Post (Mar. 24, 2014):  Deepwater Horizon Oil Left Tuna, Other Species with Heart Defects Likely to Prove Fatal

Mashable (Mar. 24, 2014):  Deepwater Horizon Study Finds Crude Oil Harmful to Bluefin, Yellowfin Tuna

The Verge (Mar. 24, 2014):  Damning Study Blames BP Oil Spill for Heart Defects in Fish

Fish News EU (Dec. 4, 2012):  Deepwater Disaster Scrutinised

RSMAS Press Release (Dec. 3, 2012):  UMiami Scientists Partner with NOAA, Stanford and U of N Texas to Study Post Spill Fish Toxicology

Science News (Nov. 19, 2012):  Gulf Spill Harmed Small Fish, Studies Indicate

RSMAS Press Release (Apr. 26, 2011):  Rosenstiel School Faculty Member Grosell named “Student Supervisor of the Year”

Science Daily (Jan. 19, 2009):  Fish Guts Explain Marine Carbon Cycle Mystery

New Scientist (Jan. 16, 2009):  Fish 'an Ally' Against Climate Change

Science (Jan 16, 2009):  Animal Function at the Heart (and Gut) of Oceanography

RSMAS Press Release (Jan. 16, 2009):  Fishdunnit! Mystery Solved: Fish Physiology, Marine Chemistry, Oceanography and Modeling Experts Join Forces to Unlock CO2 Conundrum

Nature News (Jan. 15, 2009):  Fish are Crucial in Oceanic Carbon Cycle

Associated Press (Jan. 15, 2009):  Fish Poop Helps Balance Ocean's Acid Levels

Reuters (Jan. 15, 2009):  Fish Digestions Help Keep the Oceans Healthy