High-Resolution Digital Precipitation (HDP) Data

These images show hourly accumulations of precipitation over South Florida, derived from the WSR-88D NEXRAD radar located in Miami. The radar is operated by the National Weather Service.

Precipitation amounts, in mm, were estimated from the reflectivity measurements every 5-6 minutes, and were accumulated over the preceeding hour.

Scientific objectives: These radar reflectivity data will be recalibrated using high precision rainfall measurements over South Florida. These recalibrated data will then be used to estimate daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal fresh water input to the Everglades and Florida Bay via precipitation.

Collaborating scientists: This work is being done by Dean Churchill (RSMAS), and Frank Marks, Paul Willis and Peter Dodge of the Hurricane Research Division, NOAA/AOML.

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Acknowledgements: Funding for this project is being provided by the Florida Bay Program. The HDP data are being provided by the National Hurricane Center.