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  Minutes of meeting
Sep 9, 2003
9:00 AM
The Miami River Commission ’s (MRC) Greenway Subcommittee met Tuesday, September 9, 2003, at 10 am, in the Miami Riverside Center, 444 SW 2nd Ave, 8th Floor conference room.  Dr. Ernie Martin chaired the meeting.  The attendance sheet is attached.

I)  Presentation of Kimley-Horn and Associates (KHA) 30% Complete Greenway Construction Documents and Updated Greenway Development Map

Lavinia Freeman, Trust for Public Land (TPL), stated Dianne Johnson, City of Miami, had recently submitted new revisions to the pending TPL/KHA contract.  Steve Lefton.  KHA, stated the contract revisions have been inserted into the contract and returned to Johnson for review.  Lefton explained three Miami River Greenway Phase I sections (A, F and G) are 30% complete, and will be presented upon execution of the TPL/KHA contract, expected by September 19, 2003.  Sallye Jude, MRC, recommended the Flowering Trees Society be consulted for input on the Greenways landscaping.  The Greenways subcommittee agreed that a meeting with FPL remains necessary to discuss under grounding utilities, facading sub stations adjacent to the greenway, and removing the fence to connect the FPL Greenway section no the River’s north shore to the new Greenway section heading beneath the SW 2nd Ave Bridge and continuing west past the Miami Riverside Center.   

II) Discussion of Proposed Bridge Paint Colors

The Greenway subcommittee recommended aqua color paint for the First ST Bridge.  Jude stated she met with State Representative Manny Prieguez, who has asked for the Greenways subcommittee recommendations for paint and lighting colors for all Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) owned Miami River bridges.  Jude offered to prepare a color proposal for the next greenway subcommittee meeting.

III)  Status of Proposed Pocket Parks

1st ST Bridge – Jude provided renderings, depicting colored gravel in the form of waves, hanging sculptures of vessels, fish sculptures mounted on stakes in the ground, and benches.  Bibeau noted that although Hands on Miami volunteers were available to work on the project November 1, 2003, yet funding for the materials is still required.  Jude stated she would look into availability of funds from the East Little Havana Empowerment Zone “neighborhood improvement” funds.

Brett Bibeau, MRC, provided the following update on the remaining proposed pocket parks:

  • S. River Drive and NW 2nd ST - The Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department (WASD) replied that they would be utilizing their riverfront easement for a Miami River utility relocation project, therefore must decline the MRC’s offer to create a pocket park on the site at this time.
  • SW 5 ST - The City of Miami Capital Improvement Department is analyzing the shoreline repair necessary prior to accepting the WASD’s written offer to remove the disconnected manhole structure.
  • NW South River Drive and NW 16 Ave – Bibeau provided renderings of the City owned riverfront pocket park, depicting 16 Imperial Blue Plumbago (blue flowering plants) and 16 Marigolds (yellow flowers) planted around the greenspace, with 5 new trees and 2 new benches.  Again, although Hands on Miami volunteers are available to plant the landscaping on November 1, 2003, funding is still required for the estimated $1,048 in plants, trees and dirt.  Officer Clayton has offered equipment to dig the large holes for the proposed trees.

Martin recommended Bibeau notify the area’s homeowners Association representative, Theo Long, in addition to the Flowering Trees Society, and Treemendous

IV) Trust for Public Land Presentation on Miami River Poetry and Art Project

Freeman stated artwork for the Lummus Landing area was based on poetry written by youth in the neighborhood.  Freeman offered to forward the Greenways Subcommittee a copy of the renditions.

V) Review Greenway Logo Design Lefton stated their signage and logo design subcontractors, Yazi, is expected to complete the Miami River Greenway Logo and signage design by November 2003.

VI) Status of Villager’s $25,000 Grant for Historical Markers Along the Miami River Greenway – Bibeau stated the MRC had responded to a recent Villager’s Inc. request for a progress report.  In consultation with TPL, the Villager’s were informed that the conceptual signage design should be ready for their review in November 2003.

VII) Discuss City Bond Greenway Line Item and Proposed Miami-Dade County Bond Issue Freeman stated KHA, TPL and the MRC will meet later in the month to update the Greenway Map, and identify the public right of way Greenway sections which require funding, connecting to private Greenway sections.  The Greenways subcommittee agreed that the revised map should be presented to the Homeland Defense and Neighborhood Improvement Bond Oversight Board in October 2003.

Bibeau stated Miami-Dade County was considering creating a referendum in November 2004 for an over $1 billion bond issue.  Bibeau provided the Greenways subcommittee with an October 2001 letter MRC letter to the Board of County Commissioners recommending funding for the Miami River Greenway be included the last time the county considered a General Obligation Bond Issue.  The Greenways subcommittee passed a unanimous resolution to continue advocating funding for the Miami River Greenway to be included in the currently considered Miami-Dade County bond issue.  The support will note the Greenways economic impact, creation of a destination landscape generating tourist development taxes, a transportation alternative connecting to the airport, the Miami River Greenway Action Plan was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in 2001 and is an element of the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Long Range Transportation Plan.  

VIII) Discuss Miami River Greenway Design Standards

The Greenways subcommittee noted that with the adopted Miami River Greenway Action Plan, TPL’s completed schematic designs and 30% complete construction drawings, and new private riverwalk sections either completed, under construction or designed, beginning the lengthy process of revising the City of Miami’s Greenway Design standards at this time may not be prudent.

IX) New Business    

David Henderson stated the $1,000,000 “East Allapattah Greenway” FDOT grant application, authored by Bibeau on behalf of the City of Miami, is currently ranked 2nd and scheduled for approval by the MPO on September 24, 2003.

The meeting adjourned.