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  Minutes of meeting
Sept. 30, 2003
10:00 AM
The Miami River Commission ’s (MRC) Stormwater Subcommittee (SSC) met September 30, 2003 , 1 pm , at the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Regional Service Center , 172-A West Flagler.  Mr. Arsenio Milian chaired the meeting.  The sign in sheet is enclosed.

I.  Discuss Wagner Creek Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Status – Jose Lago, City of Miami Department of Capital Improvement Projects Department, stated the CAP is now scheduled for completion by April 2004.  Lago noted the Wagner Creek dredging phases IV and V are schedule to commence in July 2004, and Phase III is in preliminary design with dredging commencing in July 2005.  Liz Abbott, SFWMD, and the City of Miami submitted agreements and scopes of services for the SFWMD’s $1,000,000 allocation to the City of Miami for dredging in Wagner Creek.  The contracts will come before the City Commission in October 2003 and the SFWMD Governing Board in November 2003.   

II.  City of Miami ’s 2nd Quarter Progress Report – Lago provided the City’s report, including but not limited to the following progress on Miami River Basin Water Quality Improvement Report “Action Items”:

·         Pinehurst Stormwater Retrofitting – 100% design Complete.  $1,520,000 estimated total project has a $40,000 shortfall.

·         Little Havana Storm Sewer Rebuilding – Construction 100% complete

·         Allapattah Storm Sewer Retrofit – Funding allocated and construction in progress with anticipated completion in December 2003.

·         Downtown Storm Sewer Rebuilding – Completed Phase I

·         Allocating $697,500 to contract Envirowaste Service Group, Inc. to clean solid waste from 20,000 inlets and 160,630 linear feet of stormdrain between 9/29/03 and 6/9/04 .

III.   Categorization of DERM’s 2nd Quarter Progress Report Action Item “3e, Continue Surveillance and Inspections”- Jose Diaz, Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM), provided a detailed report indicating the following:

IV.  Review of Scavenger 2000 De-pollution Vessel Services Provided in the Miami River Basin Jacques des Aulniers, Water Management Technologies, Inc., provided the SSC with a detailed report of the Scavenger 2000 services provided in the Miami River over the last few months, including the removal of 2,126 cubic feet of trash, 133 hazards to navigation, and decontamination of 123,600,000 gallons of water.  The Scavenger captain takes pictures of illegal polluters with a cellular phone, which immediately e-mails the pictures to environmental agencies.

V.  Review Agency’s Allocated Projects within the Miami River Corridor for Inclusion in the 5-Year Integrated Budget Brett Bibeau , MRC, thanked the SSC environmental agencies for submitting the budgets for allocated projects in the Miami River Corridor.  Abbott noted the need to include the SFWMD’s $450,000 allocation for the Pinehurst stormwater system retrofit project.  Bibeau stated he would contact the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department to submit projects before the final “5-year Integrated Budget” is submitted to the MRC on November 3, 2003 .


VI.  Discuss “Wagner Creek Pollution Source Identification and Abatement” Project Status - Abbott reported the SFWMD approved the projects $100,000 budget in the FY’04 budget.  The contract, consisting of $50,000 to test for and remediate contamination sources in Wagner Creek, $15,000 for Scavenger 2000 de-pollution vessel services and $35,000 MRC operational funds will be considered by the SFWMD Governing Board in October 2003.  The WASD is working on CAD drawings overlaying the stormwater and sanitary sewer systems.  The working group will use the completed drawings to determine testing methodologies.  The new DERM representative for the project is Steve Blair.

VII.  New Business – David Miller, Managing Director MRC, stated the MRC will ask SFWMD Board Member Irela Bague to co-chair the SSC.  Miller stated the SSC will provide the MRC with a detailed progress report on November 3, 2003 .  Miller stated the SSC will be working with the United States Department of State on the “White Water to Blue Water” conference in March 2004, because the MRC has been recognized as an example of “Best Management Practices”.

The SSC agreed to return to their regular meeting schedule of the first Wednesday of every month. The next meeting was confirmed for Wednesday, November 5, 2003 , 10 AM , SFWMD, 172-A Flagler Street.  The agenda will include Miami River Basin Water Quality Improvement Report “Action Item” Progress Reports for the third quarter of 2003 and WASD will report on the results of recent dye flood testing in Wagner Creek. 

 The meeting adjourned.