The Hazard of Lead Poisoning

Miami Herald: New suit, old hazard: lead poisoning of kids

Q and A with Wendy Blair Stephan


Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry - Public Health Statement: Lead
A public health statement regarding lead issued by the Center for Disease Control's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. The statement includes information on sources of lead, means of becoming poisoned with the substance, medical tests for lead poisoning, harmful levels of lead, etc.

California Poison Control System: Lead Poisoning
This site contains a lot of information on lead poisoning, including answers to frequently asked questions, common myths, common sources of lead exposure, common symptoms, etc.

Lead Prevention Outreach Program
This program is a project of the National Safety Council’s Environmental Health Center. "This year, our program targets minority and underserved populations, including the African American, Asian-American and Pacific Islander, Latino, and Native American communities. EHC plans to hold outreach meetings and training sessions that will give community-based organizations the tools and skills to enable them to plan and execute successful lead poisoning prevention programs in their communities."

Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning The Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning is a non-profit public interest organization dedicated to preventing childhood lead poisoning. The site includes overview of the topic, current research, and information on public policy.

American Family Physician Homepage You can search this Academy of American Family Physicians' online journal for articles on many health issues, including lead. One such article found in the August 1, 2000 issue is called Preventing and Treating Lead Poisoning in Children.

Archives of Environmental Health: International Journal This online journal "consolidates the latest research, both nationally and internationally, from such varying fields as epidemiology, toxicology, biostatistics, and biochemistry." Relevant articles include "Secular trend in blood lead levels in a cohort of Mexico City children" published in the May-June 1998 issue.

Teaching Tools is a website of "Teaching Guides that may be used with or without Phillips Petroleum's educational videos." Two of these guides are for activities dealing with lead pollution. Living Unleaded is a teacher's guide with activities designed to complement the 20-minute video, The Truth about H2O. Locating Sources of Lead is a classroom activity that includes a survey that students can use to check for possible lead sources in their home environment.