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Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Standards

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Water Quality Assessment: Overview
"Water quality is determined by assessing three classes of attributes: biological, chemical, and physical." This page - and its associated pages - provides information on the variables tested within each of these three classes of attributes. The information includes how the variables are monitored, acceptable levels, and indications of elevated levels in terms of types of pollutants.

SFWMD: Biscayne Bay Surface Water Improvement & Management (SWIM) Plan
A description of the five-step plan to assess water quality conditions in the bay and recommended remedial actions and projects to address these issues.

University of Southern California National Sea Grant: Study Says It's Time to Test Water for More Than Bacteria
"Microbiological safety of beaches is determined by testing for the presence of fecal bacteria. Water found to be clear of bacteria is assumed to be safe. However, (this) USC Sea Grant study indicates that standard might be misleading because human pathogenic viruses sometimes lurk in bacteria-free water."

Hach Company's Important Water Quality Factors
"Analysts determine water quality by testing for specific chemicals. Most often, the type of water being tested determines what parameters, or analytes, the analyst looks for. For example, chlorine is an important parameter in finished drinking water, but is not usually a factor in natural water. This section lists common water quality parameters important in drinking water, wastewater, and natural water. Many parameter listings include descriptions of the effects of analyte levels on living organisms."

Hach Water Testing and Water Quality Analysis
Homepage for Hach Company, a water quality test kit supplier. "Hach Company provides advanced analytical systems and technical support for water quality testing, with solutions for lab, process, and field."

LaMotte Company Test Kits
Homepage for LaMotte Company, an environmental test kit supplier. LaMotte provides test kits for many different situations, including pool & spa water, potable & waste water, food/beverage/sanitation/laundry, and soil testing - to name just a few.

Biscayne Bay Surface Water Quality Monitoring Program
This page provides contact information to obtain Biscayne Bay surface water quality data. "Biscayne Bay water quality has been monitored by DERM (Metro-Dade Department of Environmental Resources Management ) continuously since 1979…Water samples are analyzed for trace metals, nutrients, chlorophyll a, pheophytin, coliform bacteria, turbidity, and color. In situ measurements include PAR attenuation, salinity, specific conductance, temperature, pH, Redox potential, D.O. and depth. Investigative studies involve: sediment testing at marinas, canals, the Port-of-Miami and the Miami River; mussel tissue analyses from various stations in the bay testing for contaminant bio-accumulation in the Biscayne Bay ecosystem…"