The Hazard of Lead Poisoning

Miami Herald: New suit, old hazard: lead poisoning of kids

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Scenario: The Hazard of Lead Poisoning
Isn't lead poisoning something that happens to someone else? We frequently see newspaper accounts, such as the September 4, 2001 article in Miami, FL, that speak about this silent, yet deadly intruder. Unfortunately, practices most of us engage in can potentially create a hazard, especially to youngsters. Lead poisoning is especially harmful for those in their formative years. One condition related to lead poisoning is the public's lack of knowledge about the many ways lead may be introduced to the human system. Photo: ©2001.

Your group has been contacted by a local parent group that is concerned about this hazard. They want you to come to their monthly meeting to brief them on the impact of lead poisoning as well as the causes and preventative measures.

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