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NIH -- Chemicals, the Environment, and You: Explorations in Science and Human Health


Toxicology Module:


Review the Problem-Based Learning Model

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A Small Dose of Toxicology

The following Power Points accompany the book A Small Dose of Toxicology by Stephen Gilbert, PhD, DABT available from CRC Press. For additional information and more PowerPoint Presentations please visit the website

Overview of Principles

Targets of Toxic Agents
The Nervous System
Cancer & Genetic Toxicology
Pregnancy& Dev. Toxicology

Applied Toxicology
Toxics in the Home
Risk Assessment & Management
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Dose/Response Demo
Glass Demo Instruction
Flash / PowerPoint











These PowerPoint Presentations are used with the permission of Stephen Gilbert, PhD, DABT.

The AMBIENT Team wishes to acknowledge Dr. Gilbert
for allowing us to use these PowerPoint Presentations.