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AMBIENT Elementary Level Modules

Elementary Level - Create a Microbe

Elementary Level - Lead Detection

Elementary Level - Particulate Observation

Elementary Level - Viewing Bacteria


AMBIENT Power Point Presentations

AMBIENT Overview

2005 Summer Workshop

AMBIENT Toxicology Power Point Presentations

Environmental Toxicology   Dr. Richard Weisman

AMBIENT Water Power Point Presentation

UM Research and the Ambient Water Module    Dr Helena Solo-Gabriele


2004 Summer Workshop

AMBIENT Toxicology Power Point Presentations

Food Poisoning Dr. Richard Weisman

AMBIENT Lead Power Point Presentations

Soil and lead poisoning, Dr. Mary Jo Trepka

AMBIENT Food Power Point Presentations

Food, Nutrition & Culture

Food Safety, Food borne Illness and Nutrition, Dr. Lora Fleming


Lead Test Kit Reviews (OSHA Website)

Lead Student Work from Teresa Casal

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 9


2003 Summer Workshop

AMBIENT Water Power Point Presentations
(From University of Miami Medical School Students)

GM CROPS: Friends or Foes? -Jessi Hirth

Water-borne Diseases - Yenisel Cruz

Food Irradiation - Maria del Pilar Solano, M.D.

Coliform Organisms - Elvire Jacques, M.D.


Master Teacher Presentations

Ambient Project: Environmental Health Science & Language Arts

Expanding on the AMBIENT Project

Why AMBIENT works for us