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This file includes notes on recent changes in major sections of the AVHRR Pathfinder Oceans documentation at the University of Miami. It will also list additions to the available data sets. The file is intended to allow users to view quickly if any changes or additions have been made. Pointers may be provided to details on specific changes.

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30 June 2001
  • Released 1999 algorithm coefficients
30 June 2001
  • Released 1999 matchup files
  • Tables and maps updated to include 1999 matchups

25 March 2001
NASA has decided to continue supporting the University of Miami's activities in the AVHRR/Oceans Pathfinder program. As a result, we will resume the generation of matchups, algorithm coefficients and global SST fields. These activities had been suspended for several months. In the next few weeks, we hope to produce matchups and SST algorithm coefficients for NOAA-14 1998 data.
29 January 2000
  • Released 1998 algorithm coefficients
  • Replaced LTS robust regression procedure by robust MM regression in the first step of coefficient estimation (see algorithm documentation)
  • Added wording clarifying months used for estimating coefficients for growing sets (e.g., NOAA-14). The last three months of the year of a growing set are treated as the end of a historical data set.
29 January 2000
  • Released 1998 matchup files
  • Tables and maps updated to include 1998 matchups
  • Some errors in count tables corrected
28 January 2000
  • Added clock reset tables for NOAA-9 through NOAA-14 to Appendix A of processing documentation.
21 January 2000
  • Released 1997 algorithm coefficients
19 November 1998
  • Added coefficients for NOAA-14 for 1996. Earlier versions of the coefficient table repeated for 1996 the 1995 coefficients.
  • NOAA-14 coefficients for the last four months of 1995 were changed slightly. Earlier versions had been estimated using only matchups through the end of 1995. When 1996 matchups became available, they were used in coefficient estimation for the last few months of 1995.
  • Corrected errors in dates in algorithm coefficient table for NOAA-9. Corrected discrepancies in NOAA-11 coefficients (some coefficients from Version 3 were listed, instead of those corresponding to Version 4).
20 November 1997
  • Released NOAA-14 1996 matchups.
  • New cloud tree tests for NOAA-14 1996.
  • Daytime data used to grow trees starting in 1996.
  • Changed intial tests for all NOAA-14 matchups (1995 and 1996).
  • Updated maps and record count table to reflect changes.
    Added SSM/I Pathfinder water vapor data to NOAA-14 matchups.
  • Added discussion on problem with TOGA/TAO nominal buoy positions for years prior to 1997.

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