1      A      
   2   P  
     3 L   
4      Y
5      S     
     7 A       
  1. Aplysia are called this because they are living in the sea or the ocean.

  2. Aplysia could have this color is they eat violet algae.

  3. Aplysia's food.

  4. The scientists made important discoveries in this mental process, using Aplysia and mice.

  5. This system coordinates the activity of the muscles, monitor the organs, constructs and also stops input from senses and initiate actions. It includes neurons and nerves.

  6. Aplysia produce it while angry

  7. The California Black Sea Hare is the biggest of this kind.

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Aplysia are commonly referred to as sea slugs or sea hares.  How many words can you come up with that end in “ug” like slug or “are” like hare?

Slug Hare
__ug __are
__ug __are
__ug __are
__ug __are


Help Aplysia to get to the algae. Make sure you avoid the crab.


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