Miami's Marine Heritage - slides from lecture by F. G. Walton Smith

About the Gallery:

Anyone wishing to contribute photos or a caption for any existing photos is more than welcome to do so. At the moment, the only photos found here are from my somewhat limited collection. Please e-mail me with any contributions or comments.

I should note than these five section names are very arbitrary, however, once the basic gallery is done it would be very difficult to change them. If you have some good reason to alter this arrangement, now is the time to let me know. The condition you see this gallery in today is by no means a finished project! The best example of how we want it to look is the Juneau Ice Field Project in the Research section. These photos came to me with captions.

The "Download Original Photo" link gives you a large (in most cases the largest) file we have (This has not been completed in all sections). It is not meant for viewing on the web but for downloading to your computer to be re-sized for your purpose. Once the file has downloaded into the browser window, make sure that you save it to your hard drive.

We expect this to be a really great resource and we hope to do another gallery of more recent photos also. Please let me know if you have anything to contribute!

Hunter Augustus
RSMAS Graphics Coordinator
April 30, 2001