RefWorks for MPO authors

Brian Mapes
March 4 2009
mapes at

If you are new to RefWorks or Write-n-Cite, do this first (add account and install, respectively). To add new citations to our shared databases Metshare and POshare, go here for instructions.


To write and cite in Word, just start Write-n-Cite (it will prompt for your login, and then it will start Word automatically). Now open your document from there and you are rolling.


To cite a paper
while writing in Word, just click the "Cite" link on the Write-n-Cite window. A citation thing (a bundle of coded text) will appear at the cursor position in the Word document. Don't edit this coded text. The "View" link by each paper on the Write-n-Cite window can show you more detail (including the abstract) to be sure the paper is the right one. You can sort and search your RefWorks collection various ways.

Under the View menu at top of Write-n-Cite window, you will see RefWorks Shared Area. This will open a browser window where you can find the Metshare and POshare databases. It appears to me you have to Export papers from these shared databases to your personal database for use in Write-n-Cite, let me know if you find a way to cite from them directly.


To finally format your document + bibliography, click Bibliography in the Write-n-Cite menu. A new Word document will be created, called Final_mypaper.doc (if your mother file is called mypaper.doc). It will have inline citations and a Bibliography appended at the end of the document, both in the Style you choose (AMS and JGR styles are available, or Nature or Science for you high rollers!).