The Mapes IDV collection

A self-updating, ever-improving IDV 'Plugin' maintained by Prof. Brian Mapes.
The collection's 'repository' of materials is at


1. Download, click to install, and launch The IDV (Integrated Data Viewer).

2. From the IDV's Tools-->Plugin manager, install the Customized/MapesIDV collection plugin. 

3. Relaunch the IDV. The Mapes IDV collection is most obvious as a Favorites folder in your Toolbar. Other resources will be there too.

Screencast introductions: 

1. Mapes IDV collection- Why you want it (5 minutes)

2. Mapes IDV collection- How to get it (4 minutes)

3. Mapes IDV collection- Learn to create your own displays (10 minutes)

4. Cases for Lackmann -Mapes-Tyle (LMT) textbook Lab Manual (5 minutes)

Related seminar at NCAR: Visualizing the weather-climate connection (powerpoint). (here is its 50 minute YouTube video).

Orientation: Consider reading my user-oriented introduction powerpoint (6MB).

What features will you gain from the plugin?

Whatever I have put in the plugin at any given time!
Because it is referenced as a URL, the plugin will get better as I learn more and share more. 

Most obviously, you will see Favorite Bundles.
The Mapes IDV collection folder is mine, the other ("PSD bundles") is from Don Murray at NOAA-PSD, one of the IDV's original developers.
The IDV bundles actually live on, a link shortener to the Web interface of my RAMADDA "repository".

But also you will gain:

Brian Mapes

Initial: November 2013 (still at it: April 2018)

Credits and thanks: