Publications list of Brian Mapes

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Recent non-peer-reviewed writings

My contribution to the ECMWF 2008 Annual Seminar series on subgrid parameterization:
10page proceedings volume paper on tropical convectively coupled wave predictability.
Associated Kelvin wave case satellite animations

Recent presentations (reverse order)

October 2012 RSMAS-MPO seminar
"Zonal mean momentum: a data analysis and experimental prediction exercise"
.pptx file (12 MB)

September 2012 Pan-GASS meeting
"Role of convective organization in global flow"
.pptx file (15 minute talk)

December 2010 AGU talk
"Parameterizing convective organization"
.pptx file

December 2010 presentation to
American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), Palo Alto CA

"Waves and multiscale processes in the tropics"
.pptx file

September 2010, presentation to
Below the Rossby Radius: Workshop on small-scale variability in the general circulation of the atmosphere and oceans, Schloss Tremsbόttel, KlimaCampus Hamburg.
"An atmospheric mesoscale: where convection meets waves (rotation optional)"
.pptx file

May 2010 Institute for Pure and Applied Math, UCLA  --
for workshop on Data hierarchies in climate modeling
"Big data, simple minds" - 80 slides,
.pdf file full quality(30MB)
.pdf file full quality(8MB)

Mar 2010 CLIVAR Tropical Atlantic meeting, Miami FL --
"Analysis tendencies and model errors over the western Atlantic in NH summer"
.ppt file

Feb 2010 NCAR CCSM AMWG --
"Organization in a multi-plume convection scheme"
.ppt file

Dec 2009 AGU presentation -- "Model evaluation through
assimilation: Studying the MJO in a model that doesn't have one"
.ppt file
Recorded presentation at 2010 AMS tropical conference:

Dec 2009 RSMAS-MPO seminar -- "Studying the MJO
in a model that doesn't have one".ppt file
(17 MB)

Oct 2009 Harvard workshop -- convection sensitivities and
convection scheme work. .pptx (Office 2008) powerpoint

Understaning the MJO in/and the MERRA reanalysis system
NASA-Goddard seminar March 2009 powerpoint

Heaviest precipitation events 1998-2007: a global survey
WMO Monsoon severe weather team, Beijing powerpoint

ECMWF 2008 Annual Seminar on tropical convectively coupled wave predictability:
PPT file

GCSS - Toulouse June 2008 keynote lecture, in PDF format (animations lost)
"Erasing artifical scale boundaries with global cloud-resolving data sets"

Asian monsoon clouds seen by CloudSat (Celebrating the Monsoon conference, July 2007, Bangalore)

Central American mid-summer drought (MSD) seminar, at Univ of Miami 2007

Simpler Central American mid-summer drought (MSD) seminar, at Miami AMS local chapter, April 2007

Global annual cycle (march of the seasons) seminar, Harvard, Oct 2006

Wave-convection interaction: AGU Charney lecture, Baltimore, May 2006

Multi-scale convection-wave studies, AMS conference (15 minute), April 2006

Tropical Doppler radar VAD studies, 2004