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Physical-Biological Interactions Laboratory

Dr. Claire Paris

Most marine organisms are planktonic during the early part of their life cycles, yet very little is known about the physical-biological interactions that enhance their survivorship. The outcomes of these early interactions have an important compound effect on marine populations. Given climate change and anthropogenic-induced perturbations, this gap of knowledge is becoming a critical concern.

The Physical-Biological Interactions Laboratory focuses on investigating coupled biophysical processes during the early pelagic larval phase of marine species, which are the very foundation of marine populations and ecosystems. Led by Prof. Paris, a team of Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students is taking a dual theoretical and empirical approach to understand the dispersion and fate of biotic (larvae) and abiotic (pollutants) particles in the ocean, largely through projects that have applications in marine conservation. Our lab research contributes to advances in the fields of movement ecology and ocean technology through the development of novel Lagrangian instruments designed to observe larval navigation (U-DISC) and open-source softwares designed to examine transport and population connectivity (CMS).

We offer undergraduate students opportunities to learn and volunteer in various ongoing studies. Some of the questions that are of particular interest to our lab are addressed among the following research projects:


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