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Highlighted Research


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Oceanographic Analysis Offers Potential Crash Site of MH370 (RSMAS press release, January 20, 2017)


_ Study Offers New Information on Crash of Malaysia Airliner (UM veritas, January 26, 2017)


_ Awarded the IMarESTs 2016 Denny Medal (JOO)




_ New Study Helps Explain How Garbage Patches Form in the WorldŐs Oceans (RSMAS press release, February 10, 2017)


_ The ocean is full of plastic. Now UM oceanographers have a better way to find it.  (Miami Herald, February 16, 2017)


_ Ocean Current in Gulf of Mexico Linked to Red Tide (RSMAS press release, January 12, 2016)


_ Science Daily.



_ Application of the LCS-core analysis to predict sudden changes in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (Olascoaga and Haller, 2012).

_       The Shape of Things to Come (RSMAS press release, March 12, 2011) Link 1 Link 2

_       Logran pronosticar el flujo del crudo en los derrames (BBC Mundo, March 14, 2012) Link

_       Un pron—stico para conocer el curso de la contaminaci—n oce‡nica (EFE) Link