Mampi Sarkar, Rodrigo Delgadillo, Paquita Zuidema, Jianhao Zhang, Sara Purdue, Isabel Porto da Silveira
January 2018

Current Students

Samantha Kramer
Ph.D. student
co-mentored with Dr. Ben Kirtman

Improving understanding of the long-range transport of Saharan dust to the southeast U.S.
Sara Purdue
Ph. D. student
2017 - present.

Towards understanding the extent of the semi-direct effect over the southeast Atlantic from field observations
Mampi Sarkar
Ph.D. student
2014 - present.

Characterizing the northeast Pacific stratocumulus-to-cumulus transition with CSET datasets

Jianhao Zhang
Ph.D. student

Characterizing the thermodynamic environment occupied by clouds

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Rodrigo Delgadillo, 2015 to present
Cloud and aerosol vertical structure from micropulse lidar observations

Dr. Isabel Porto da Silveira
2016 to present
co-mentored with Dr. Ben Kirtman
Elucidating fast-SST-error-growth processes in the CCSM4 model as a function of model grid spacing

Dr. Arun Chandra, 2015-2016
The relationship of atmospheric tropical cold pools to convection and water vapor

Research Staff

Claudia Alvarez, 2015 to present
Saharan dust filter analysis

Past Students

Dr. David Painemal, Ph. D. student 2006-2011, NASA Postodoctoral Fellow at NASA-Langley 2011-2014
now a Research Scientist with SSAI/NASA-Langley
Ph. D. thesis title: Investigation of the cloud microphysics and albedo susceptibility of the southeast Pacific stratocumulus deck

Dr. Zhujun Li
Ph. D. student 2008-2014
now a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA-Langley

Ph. D. thesis title: On shallow cumulus cold pools

Dr. Adeyemi Adebeyi (Yemi)
Ph.D. student 2011 - 2016,
postdoc at U of Miami 2016-2017,
now a postdoc at UCLA with Dr. Jasper Kok.

Ph.D. thesis title: The impact of meteorology on smoke and low-level clouds over the southeast Atlantic